Aubergine shawarma

Superfast plant-based shawarma

Aubergine shawarma

Superfast plant-based shawarma

Newcomer to the vegan scene

A 100% plant-based aubergine shawarma. Made from fresh aubergines, straight from Dutch growers. Roasted and flavoured with oil and natural seasonings to give you that authentic shawarma experience. Thanks to the sous-vide preparation, we can retain the optimal flavours and the shawarma can be kept in the fridge for 5 weeks. Healthy convenience products are gaining tremendously in popularity. A 100% pure aubergine shawarma is an innovation in the field of vegan meat substitutes. Since the product contains no soy or wheat, it is also low in calories.

Serving tips

  • Aubergine shawarma in a pita with tomato, tzatziki and cucumber;

  • Naan bread with aubergine shawarma, iceberg lettuce and chickpeas topped with Rogan Josh sauce;

  • Or why not surprise your guests with a mini veggie ‘kapsalon’?

Preparation method

In the news

Purple Pride introduceert aubergine shoarma bij Hanos

Nieuwe vleesvervanger: shoarma op basis van aubergine

Newcomer to the vegan scene

Sales points

“Een smakelijke aubergine shoarma, vers afgesneden van het roterende spit. Dunne reepjes aubergine, geroosterd en op smaak gebracht met olie en smaakmakers. Een vernieuwing op het gebied van vegan vleesvervangers.”

— Food Innovation


For us, this means reducing the environmental impact of growing and packing our vegetables. But it also means improving the health and wellbeing of our consumers and our staff. We will be raising the bar even higher in the years ahead. We aim to be 100% circular, fair and healthy by 2040: this is our ultimate goal. Aubergine shawarma is not only very tasty and easy to prepare; it also contributes to our sustainable goals. For example, we use ‘imperfect’ aubergines to produce our aubergine shawarma. In this way, we want to combat food waste. Scan the QR code to find out more about our sustainable projects.