About Purple Pride

Purple Pride has evolved since 1996 to become the largest aubergine brand in North-western Europe. Five modern growing locations yield a harvest of over twenty million kilos of aubergines a year. The Purple Pride Growers Association is a market leader in the Netherlands, with a cultivation surface area of 48 hectares, and represents over 40% of Dutch aubergine production. It’s something we’re incredibly proud of!

Our mission?

For aubergines to feature on everyone’s weekly menu.

Our vision?

Understanding the customer’s needs adds value and relevance.

How it all started

Purple Pride’s story dates back to the Seventies. The Van Duijn, De Jong and Groenewegen families from Westland decided to concentrate on growing vegetables. In those days they not only grew aubergines, but other crops as well.

In the Eighties a new generation decided to focus 100% on growing aubergines. At the time all aubergines were sold at auction. Growers delivered their aubergines, which were inspected for quality, graded according to weight, and subsequently sold by auction in lots. Their quality varied and prices depended on demand.

In 1996, the three businesses Gebr. Van Duijn, Auberginekwekerij De Jong and Greenbrothers jointly decided to set up the Purple Pride Growers Association. Joining forces enabled them to respond more effectively to the demand for quality. During the first members’ meeting in March 1996, the association was christened ‘Professional’.


The Professional Growers Association collectively managed the Purple Pride brand. At the end of 2000, it decided unanimously to change its name and move forward as Purple Pride.

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