Of course you already knew that aubergine is a versatile vegetable. But did you also know that it is full of antioxidants?

Antioxidants protect the body’s tissue and DNA from free radicals. Radicals are aggressive molecules that can cause damage to cells and tissue. Antioxidants are important molecules because they can be effective in battling cancer, helping with stress and preventing infections. By eating a healthy and balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables you can make sure that your body absorbs sufficient antioxidants.

The research

For this study, aubergines were purchased at a regular supermarket, as they are commonly found in Western Europe. During the study, all parts of the aubergine underwent the same treatment. They were processed in a home mixer, stored for three days in a freeze-dried environment, and 30 grams of each part were used for analysis. Scientific research shows that the number of antioxidants is high not only in the core of the fruit, but is actually also present in high concentrations in the calyx, peel, stem, pulp and leaves. In other words: in all parts of the aubergine!


Food for thought…

Many consumers try to eat healthy, but are not aware of the fact that aubergine is so good for them and therefore fits perfectly with their eating habits. We can make consumers even more aware of this. And what can we do with the calyx and the stem of the aubergine, now that we know that many important nutrients can also be obtained from those parts? Can we process them into ingredients in dishes? A powder made of the calyx or crunchy dried aubergine leaves … We think it’s an interesting idea, also from a no-waste perspective!


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