The aubergine growers association Purple Pride is introducing the catering and hospitality sector as a new target group, focusing more on providing customers with tailor-made advice and placing sustainability at the top of its agenda. As a result of these developments, Purple Pride is ready for the future. This step culminates in a new website, as well as a new corporate identity.

Getting everyone to love aubergines

Purple Pride’s ambitious goal is for aubergines to feature on everyone’s weekly menu. How is the Growers Association going to achieve this? Marketeer Loes Al describes the plan like this: ‘Our new strategy involves focusing on the catering and hospitality sector, in addition to trade and retail. We inspire chefs with the culinary possibilities aubergines offer. If consumers are introduced to aubergine in a restaurant and enjoy it, there’s a good chance they will eat it at home. Consequently, sales of aubergines will rise among our other customers – retail and wholesalers – and we will create a cycle of increased turnover.’ Currently, around 20% of households in the Netherlands eat aubergine at least once a year. Loes Al again: ‘This means the growth potential is phenomenal. And the time is ripe: aubergine is totally consistent with the trend of healthy, vegetarian, sustainable food.’


Purple Pride as a consultant

Purple Pride has specialised in aubergines for years. The Growers Association invests heavily in product, consumer and shopper research. Loes Al says that ‘Another key element of the new strategy is a serious commitment to share our knowledge with our customers. They receive tailor-made advice on selection, on presentation, communication, and creative activation.’



All the efforts Purple Pride has been making for years to achieve an optimally sustainable growing method are transparently explained on the new website. Loes Al says that ‘In the coming years, sustainability will be an even greater priority in our strategy.’


New website, new logo

Purple Pride conveys the above changes in a new visual identity, including a new logo. Loes Al: ‘This look and feel reflects who we are today. Our new logo literally grows out of the fertile soil and proudly stands on the horizon. It symbolises the kind of organisation Purple Pride is: pioneering, inspiring, creative, innovative, and surprising.’